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Boss Kennels - French Bulldogs


Check out our girls page to see what's happening!!

Ready now and just can't wait!?

Ask us about the small handful of breeders and their puppies available!

We just might know someone who has just what your looking for!


as always we will be happy to add you to our wait list if you have your eye on a particular pairing. 

An example of what our packages include. Often there is more but this is my minimum

• Leash, Harness & Poop bags

• One Box of food, bottle of water and a set of travel dishes.

• Two bags of treats

• A bottle of Adored Beast Love Bug Pre and Probiotics

• Nail clippers & file

• Blood stop

• Norwex baby cloth

• Natural Dog Company

Nose, Foot, Wrinkle & Paw butters/balms

• Natural Dog Company Shampoo Bar

• One soft toy

• One hard toy

• Horn, antler or Bully stick

• Crate

• Bed

• Blankets that smell like mom/home

• Folder with contract, what's safe and not safe to feed, free month of insurance, health and vaccinations records along with some information on the French Bulldog breed.

We will add a few pee pads, however your puppy is trained to pee on a grass mat. This is the only thing not included in their package. 

Past Puppies Who have found their forever homes

NOT Available